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Debut album from NYC based NoNight.


released October 14, 2015

NoNight =
R. Sullivan
J.J. Lloyd-Styles
J. Russo
B. Kaplan

Produced by B. Kaplan + S. Fields
Recorded by N. Issa @ Let Em In Studios Brooklyn, NY
Mixed + Mastered by Daniel James Goodwin @ IsoKon Studios
Art by Hunter Heckroth -

Leave The City, No Vacancy, The Dust - Music + lyrics = B. Kaplan
Small Axe - Music = B. Kaplan, Lyrics = B. Kaplan + J. Russo
Half Heart - Music = B. Kaplan + J. Russo, Lyrics = B. Kaplan
Tiffany Diamond, Tear You Apart, Loneliest Star - Music + Lyrics = B. Kaplan + J. Russo
Inherit - Music = B. Kaplan + S. Fields, Lyrics = B. Kaplan
The Passage, The Loop - Music = B. Kaplan + S. Fields, Lyrics = B. Kaplan + J. Russo



all rights reserved



R. Sullivan
J.J. Lloyd-Styles
J. Russo
B. Kaplan

Brooklyn, NY.

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Track Name: Leave The City
"Its all in your head"
She says as she lays down on my bed
And I can't tell if its up to me or her
Its a problem, its a feeling
And its not real except to me
She closes her eyes as her hair forms a golden crown
Upon my pillow

You don't know me
You don't know what I think
You don't know me
You don't know what I dream
At night

Leave the city, far behind you
Leave the city, so I can't find you
Leave the city, so I can find my way out

"I'll call you tonight"
The lie is a quick and empty lie
That leads me back to where I was
Its just romance, its deceiving
And its not real except to me
He brings me closer to the edge of it all
Track Name: No Vacancy
I can only see
One way for this to end
There is no noise
No voices in my head
They've all been swallowed up
In memory
Like tiny boats beneath the roaring sea

I can only feel
Regrets and old mistakes
There is no room
Can't seem to find the space
To put them all away, like hidden blades
Just waiting for the stings to finally fade

I want to live in this moment
I want to see it with clear intent
But every time I try to start
The feeling breaking down my heart
And I start to lose control

I thought that you would know
A place that we could go
There's nowhere left to stay
No vacancy
Track Name: Tiffany Diamond
Its whatever you want
Not whatever I need
Can i do almost anything?
You'll take good care of me
Tiffany Diamond

I buy you nice things
So you remember my name
But after all this time
They all look the same
Tiffany Diamond

We're never gonna make it happen
So I should turn around and walk away
But I never walk out that door
And you keep on laughing
Say you're gonna give me something
But I can't afford to turn around

The weight of the world is crashing down on me
Nobody else can hold it up
The truth is I never want to be that far
From you now
Nobody else is in control

We can go for a walk
I can say the right things
I won't get in your way
I'll just wait in the wings
Tiffany Diamond
Track Name: Half Heart
We don't need your strange love
Given out from above
Everyone's got bright ideas
But all of yours are gone

We don't want your half heart
Reunions all fall apart
Try again to make it real
Your efforts all die young

Your lazy headed heartbeat
Your tired mouth when you speak
The things you say get in the way
When we try to hear this song

You don't like our faint praise
Our efforts met with malaise
Go pour your heart into your art
So we can sing for days

Everyone will love our songs
They'll shout them out
And then move on
Our broken hearts will overflow
When you fill them up
And let us go

Its all been done by now
Its all been done, but we go on
Can we please leave you now?

We don't like these bright lights
All the stares and stage frights
Try to feel what makes it real
The never ending nights
Track Name: Tear You Apart
You lose her now, you'll find another
Takes a little time but you will recover
Your restless heart's like countless others
Burning up your mind til it leaves you brother

You found your way to young temptation
Taking up your time with the new relations
But all you know is deprivation
Making up your mind doesn't mean a thing

I think I'll always love you
I think I'll always tear you apart
The last thing I can still remember
Is ending love before it could start

Its who we are that made us lovers
Lost in little lies just like all the others
But restless hearts get rediscovered
Something in her eyes made you choose another

You found your way to some temptation
Crawled into her arms at an invitation
Another star, same constellation
Every time you try, you don't feel a thing

Can a love end before it even begins?

I think I'll always love you
I think I'll always tear you apart
Track Name: The Passage
The skies are all a bit grey today
Feels like it might just rain
But it could be something worse
The dust, marking the passage of
Some of the lucky ones
They pass in silent rows

We sing

I don't see how
We'll ever get to
That dreamed about golden coast
Away from those eyes

The blind
Holed up in bunker 1
Drawing their breath to run
In fear of the other side
We sing to those out in the dark
The echoes stop and start
But never an answer comes

I sing

I dont see how
We'll ever get to
That dreamed about golden coast
Away from those eyes
(All that we've been now, is gone)
Please help me

No time

I told you that its your life
I told you we'd be alright
But now we're just out of time
Out of time, out of time, out of time
Track Name: Inherit
On most days, its easy, no problems
I'm feeling nothing at all
Get ready, stay busy, don't worry
This day means nothing at all

So go play the part and pretend you're alive
Like a doll on a string, with nothing inside

But don't cry, don't feel sad, in the morning
You'll wake and do it all again

And all you do is wait for your moment to come
(Its coming, its coming, just wait for nothing at all)

You sit there and speak to me
In hushed whispers
Making me shiver again

In the twilight, when you come for me
I'll be ready
Becoming nothing at all

Its deep in the heart, where it tries to hide
You make all these masks
And leave them behind

Will I see you in my dreams tonight
Like a car crash?
Can't wait for nothing at all

From the tiniest little light
In the backside of your head
A voice will sometimes shout
And fill you full of dread
What if this life is all you're ever gonna be?

You'll try and drown it out
In all the standard ways
The endless numbered nights
And your half forgotten days
But in the end, we're all gonna share the same fate
Track Name: Small Axe
Out on my ear again
And doubled up in fits
Too late for apologies
Or were they all my friends?
Scent of something
Is on the breeze again
You'll be alright tonight
Cuz work is everything

You know the chore
Its deep within your bones
And in your core
You can't just stop
You're working week to week
And tortured in your sleep

I'm in a cutting mood
Yes out to fell something
Seems its the quiet one
The one you never see
You'll want to know my name
The news will love my face
I'll be around tonight
Til the next one takes my place
Track Name: Loneliest Star
I can see that you need me and why
But its too late, our story is over
I knew you might hurt someone
You left and returned with a gun
Now its all come undone

Well I know that its all a surprise
This life won't allow you to hide
What if its just you and me
And the rest of them cant even dream
That you could remove your disguise

The loneliest star in the sky
Lost in the lights found below it
Its only a moment in time
Who cares if anyone knows it

I can tell that you're running away
From all of the hidden things we never say
But if we don't try to cut all our ties
We'll never change
And now I just live in the past
Days spent alone, still moving too fast
One day we'll find a way
To let it fade
Track Name: The Loop (Digital Only)
Are you feeling better now?
Or did that make things worse?
I'll hold you til the shaking stops again
Your eyes gone black and your mouth is slack
Seems you just can't stay

Silence of the dusk
Might as well give up

Pictures taken in the sun
Reminds me of your smile
Haven't seen that face in quite a while
The perfect day, but skies always change
We lost the new frontiers

Silence of the dusk
Might as well give up
I can't seem to find
The loop that made you mine

If I had another chance
A way to bring you back
I'd try and play a tune to guide you home
But nothing's changed, you're still the same
And I can't wait to try again
To feel us

Join our hands again
Feel the sun again
Make a memory of all this wasted time we spent on

All the nights are gone
No more sirens song
Leading us to places we would never want to be in

Join our hands again
Feel the sun again
Think about all of the precious years we've got ahead

Can it really be?
Or am I waking from this dream?